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Michael Persinger was a rare bird that flew high and allowed those of us lucky to fly with him glimpses of his unfettered mind “in pursuit of the unknown.”

Dr. Persinger’s generosity as a scientist, teacher & colleague, and a loyal friend is the stuff of legend. He was an extraordinary person. A witty raconteur. Fearless and funny.


I need you to invest in the future of smart people, like yourself,  who would delight in interacting with a VIRTUAL MIKE.

doc at his deskYes — VIRTUAL MIKE.

I’m designing an AI/machine learning/neural network platform — a chatbot — built with Dr. P’s huge inventory of electronic & print media, research papers, hours and hours of conversation I recorded and so forth, including legacy interviews (some dating back to the late 1960s). This was an impossible task a couple years ago, but today there are memorial chatbots and text-based apps commercially available for the phone.  

Given the rapid evolution of machine learning, and its requirement for enormous pools of data (Michael Persinger left behind plenty to work with), the very idea of a VIRTUAL MIKE can be a ‘thing’, right?

If you answered “insufficient data,” then laugh with the memory of The Doc saying as much. But it’s true. I can do this. And it starts with digitizing data — lots and lots and lots of data — compiling transcripts, neural network tags, decision-making trees…

This is a ‘phase one’ one year project with a pragmatic deliverable.

On the way to a VIRTUAL MIKE, your investment also supports the building of an attractive, scalable, legacy website archive available 24/7 on the web; it will include (and not be limited to):

  • Audio & Video files with searchable text-based transcripts.
  • Permalinks to Michael Persinger’s astonishing academic output: inclusive of research papers, journal contributions, academic books, and mainstream media appearances (radio, television, films & photography, newspaper, magazine articles and so forth).
  • Locating more of The Doc’s lecture-recordings (you may have one lurking on an old MP3 recorder? let me know), anything & everything before 2016 .
  • Experimental prototype of a VIRTUAL MIKE ‘synthetic audio’ chatbot.  Yes, an audio chatbot.


I’m no spring chicken — I will be 66 soon — but I’m still very much in the game (be sure to check out the ‘liner notes’ link, as well). 

doc smilingYou can make a one-time contribution to my secure PayPal account (listed as Appropriate Entertainment) or better still, please consider a monthly stipend at my Patreon pledge-site (click on either link in this paragraph).  

I’m looking to raise a year’s worth of support (transcript stuff, website stuff, computer stuff, geek stuff, you know the drill), so ten bucks a month… Is that too much or not enough to ask? 

With Dr. P in mind, “please proceed” to the contribution links (above) and plug in some data.