VIRTUAL MIKE >> progress report

virtual mike_logoMAY DAY!

COVID-19 getting you down a quart (or litre depending on locale)? Fear not, young colleague!

You’ve got time on your hands, yes?

You’ve been thinking: What is the meaning of this digital life?

Cogitate & review abstracts & science & engineering journalism on the current state of altered states of computational awareness:

QUESTIONS (arising from linked materiel):

How old is your avatar on the ‘cloud’?

What if we — you, me, VIRTUAL MIKE, and everyone else — are living in a simulation?

Is death a superstition?

decision tree

IN THE WEEKS TO COME: expect an important announcement about VIRTUAL MIKE in consensus reality...


4 thoughts on “VIRTUAL MIKE >> progress report

  1. I like your title! Let’s see what comes. I don’t think I am living in a simulation. I do think that we have a concept of loss of body that is stifling our enjoyment of living. Will look forward to what comes (from you) next.

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    • Good to hear from you, Bethe. Trust all is well as to be expected ‘under the circumstances’. Be sure to check in this time next week (Saturday)… not to be coy, but…


  2. Depends on what you mean by “simulation”. How real is what we call reality? I believe we are very much like a simulation that runs “personal meaning” programs in the background all the time.
    BTW I was greatly aggravated with Data’s “death” on Star Trek Picard recently, because it suggested, without explaining why, permanent life wants to experience not only the threat of loss of body/brain but also the actual loss. Not buying it!

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    • Have you seen DEVS? It’s also pushes the envelope on impermanence, ‘the meaning’ of life, and lives lived… Warning: The last episode of the eight part series will leave a ‘taste’ for things to come…


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